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How do you split a string into an array in Javascript by UpperCase character?

So I wish to split:



('This', 'Is', 'The', 'String', 'To', 'Split')
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I would do this with .match() like this:


it will make an array like this:

['This', 'Is', 'The', 'String', 'To', 'Split']

edit: since the string.split() method also supports regex it can be achieved like this

'ThisIsTheStringToSplit'.split(/(?=[A-Z])/); // positive lookahead to keep the capital letters

that will also solve the problem from the comment:

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This will not find single uppercase characters. I suggest the following: "thisIsATrickyOne".match(/([A-Z]?[^A-Z]*)/g).slice(0,-1) –  andrewmu Oct 25 '11 at 11:25

Here you are :)

var arr = UpperCaseArray("ThisIsTheStringToSplit");

function UpperCaseArray(input) {
    var result = input.replace(/([A-Z]+)/g, ",$1").replace(/^,/, "");
    return result.split(",");
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This would also split by any , that were originally in the string... –  Matt Oct 25 '11 at 11:04

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