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1) I need help in setting up the liferay portal instance with multiple domains. I have one portal instance with multiple organizations ( for example: abc org, xyz org, etc) I want to map these organizations to different domains (for example:,, etc)

I know that multiple portal instances with different company name (different companyId's) can be mapped through admin login in liferay, BUT need help with the above mentioned setup: one instance-multiple org-mapped to multiple domains

2) If I use multiple instances, will this make performance issue in liferay? Considering if we go with 1000 organizations with their respective domains mapped.

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1st question, checkout Virtual Hosting on Liferay's web site.
2nd question, from my points of view, running 1000 micro websites on a single portal instances will definitely hit performance.

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We created a custom Liferay application that enables a company to sell products to customers. These customers also have access to whatever they bought via Liferay. A customer can have multiple users that access the portal through this customer account. So we tried adding an organization in Liferay for each customer, but this soon proved to be a very big performance hit. Liferay is able to handle 10's and maybe 100's of organizations, but 1000's and 10000's is too much. So I guess you'll possibly need multiple Liferay servers to handle 1000 mini-sites.

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