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anyone knows how to build sim_model for (clockwise and counter clockwise rotation) DC motar? And I need to control the motar from workspace data. Clearly, like this , I have <151x1 double> value from workspace.This data were to control device`s movement(displacement) from center X.I have <151x1 double> means 151 times from <1x1 double>.So in <1x1 double> state,I have 1.65800000000000 (in mm unit) . So I need to divide 2 this value for -x and +x. And how to build sim_model for DC motar and how to connect workspace and model. Thanks for all. Sorry for my english.

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This is a common Simulink demo. Google and you will find lots of ideas, like:



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Thanks for advice.But these link I already saw it and downloaded.Any others? for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation. –  Mr Min Oct 25 '11 at 19:39

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