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I'm trying to remove the index.php and still keep some query informations. This is what I'm trying to use:

RewriteCond     %{REQUEST_FILENAME}     !-f
RewriteCond     %{REQUEST_FILENAME}     !-d
RewriteCond     %{REQUEST_FILENAME}     !(index.php)    [NC]
RewriteRule     ^(.*)$ vika-flyt.dk/index.php?rw=true   [L]

This works for one of my other sites, which is hosted on another server. On the domain where it is working, I have to use something like this:


But I don't know the "full-directory" link for this website. I think that's the problem.

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RewriteRules operate locally for the directory where you placed the .htaccess. And usually you don't have to include the domain at all in the target URL, except if you need to do a redirection.

Try replacing the line containing the RewriteRule with this:

RewriteRule     ^(.*)$ /index.php?rw=true   [L]

And if that doesn't work, you might need to define a RewriteBase to tell mod_rewrite where your webapplication is located. (For example if it's not at domain.com but rather at domain.com/app you need to set RewriteBase to app/.)

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It works with just: index.php?rw=true :-) Thanks Till Helge Helwig. –  Kolind Oct 25 '11 at 11:43
And it will do so as long as the calling URL doesn't include a directory. If those should be cought as well, you need the leading / in the target URL. –  Till Helge Oct 25 '11 at 11:45
Cool, thanks :o) –  Kolind Oct 25 '11 at 11:46

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