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I am using a checkbox in my code, I want to add a readonly property to the textbox, but I saw that readonly property cannot be added to checkbox. The suggested alternative is to set disabled to true.

But the case is if i set disabled property to true. I cannot get the checkbox value server side. I want a solution that sets the checkbox readonly and can get value in server side.

How can I do this?

This is my view:

<input id="AddNewProductCategory" class="" type="checkbox" tabindex="1900" name="addnewproductcategory" value="1" checked="checked"> 





In my server:

$check_box_val = $this->ci->input->post('addnewproductcategory');

I am using CodeIgniter and jQuery.

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You could add a hidden field -

<input id="AddNewProductCategoryHidden" class="" type="hidden" tabindex="1900" name="addnewproductcategoryhidden" value=""/>

then set that when the checkbox gets clicked -



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Insert in HTML: <input type="hidden" name="addnewproductcategory" value="1" /> and disable the checkbox.

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I would add a <input type='hidden'> with the value 1 or 0 and disable the checkbox

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