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I'm creating a social system, and I need to create a friendship. Can any body help me please to create it's database-schema? I want to be able to assign friends in groups (like google+) and set posts visibility based on groups or friends both (google+). Thanks to any help and suggestion.

I'm using C# and ASP.NET MVC 3 via Razor and SqlServer 2008 R2

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First, you probably should post what you have tried. You will get better responses with a "Help me finish this" question than with a "Please do all this work for me" question.

Basic schema could be something like:

  • Users (userid, name, etc etc etc)
  • UsersGroups (userid, groupid, description, etc)
  • UsersGroupsRel (userid, groupid, related userid)

That's all you should need for friends and groups. This does require that each friend be in a group, but it doesn't prevent them from being in multiple groups.

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Thanks, you are right, but the issue is that I don't know where should to begin ): I have no any idea or experience. Is there any article to start please? –  king.net Oct 25 '11 at 13:45

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