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For multi-language usage of CMS, they translate terms by a function similar to

function __($word) {
include 'fr.php';
if(!empty($lang[$word])) {$translated=$lang[$word];
} else {
$translated = $word;
return $translated;
  1. Since we need to use this function several times in a php page, as all words and phrases will be echoed by __(' '); does the function need to include the language time every time, or it will be cached for the function after first load?

  2. Since the language file contains a complete list of words and phrased used throughout the website (thousands of key/value), pho needs to load this long array into memory every time a page is visited. Is it really the best approach to add multi-language feature to a CMS?

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Yes I should do this :) – All Oct 25 '11 at 12:35

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If you can't use gettext() for some reason, you'd be better off, with something like this, to put it into an object with the included language strings as a static array, something like:

class Message {

  private static $_messages = array();

  public static function setMessageLibrary($sMessageLibrary) {
    require_once $sMessageLibrary;
    self::$_messages = $aMsgs;

  public static function getMessage($sMessageId) {
    return isset(self::$_messages[$sMessageId]) ? self::$_messages[$sMessageId] : "";

Your message library file (included with the setMessageLibrary() static function), of which you'll have one per language, will need a variable in it called $aMsgs which might look something like:

// Messages for fr-FR
$aMsgs = array(
  'hello_everybody' => "Bonjour tout le monde"


  and so on

Since it's all static but within the object you can effectively cache that included language file by setting it at the start of your script.

echo Message::getMessage('hello_world');
echo Message::getMessage('another_message');
echo Message::getMessage('yet_another_message');

All three messages will then reference the single language array stored in Message::$_messages

There's no sanitisation, nor sanity checks in there, but that's the basic principle anyway ... if you can't use gettext() ;)

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wow such a brilliant approach! – All Oct 25 '11 at 20:46
  1. IIRC, it will do some caching.
  2. No, it's not. Check out gettext.
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1) it won't be cached, use include_once instead

2) no, i think gettext is doing it another/better way

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+1, I forgot to mention include_once, but I'd abandon the whole approach anyway ;-) – Michael Krelin - hacker Oct 25 '11 at 12:43

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