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I need to get last record and the main record of one-to-many relation with Hibernate criteria. The Pseudo-Sql show the query I want to execute


Select *  
      from Table1 tab1, Table2  tab2 
              where tab2.tab1id == tab1.id 
              and tab2.date == (  select Max(date) 
                                    from table2 where table2.tab1id == tab1.id)
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Do you want to consider using HQL instead of criteria?It should be simple then. –  ManuPK Oct 25 '11 at 16:40

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I did it!!!

DetachedCriteria maxFecha = DetachedCriteria
.forClass(CambiosEstado.class, "cambio")
Criteria criteria = this.getSession().createCriteria(
Criteria estadosCriteria = criteria.createCriteria(
"cambiosEstados", "cambio2");
estadosCriteria.add(Restrictions.eq("estados", estados));
return criteria.list();

the Master Class is PracticasEst that has a collection of CambiosEstado. the query take the PracticaEst and the last CambiosEstado. (Fecha is Date in spanish).

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