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I can't seem to connect to my linked server database from within the external content type definition screen in Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.

When I access my Linked Server from with SQL Server Management Studio, it works fine:

SELECT * FROM MyLinkedServer.MyCatalog.MyDatabase.MyTable

returns all the records just fine.

But in Sharepoint I choose "External Content Type", i create one; On the next screen I click "External system, click here to detect external datasources .." (or something similiar).

- Add connect/datasource  
  * Datasourcetype: SQL server  
  * Databaseserver: MySQLServerIP\InstanceName (ex.\SQLEXPRESS)  
  * Databasename: MyLinkedServer.MyCatalog.MyDatabase (ex. AS400.COMPANY1.ERPSYS)  
  * Name (optional): <Empty>  
  * Select 'Connect using the user-id (first option)'  
- OK.  


Cannot connect to the LobSystem (external system) Cannot open database "AS400.COMPANY1.ERPSYS requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'MYDOMAIN\me'.

I use the same user for SQL Management studio and Sharepoint. I should have permission to access the Linked Server. I've set the specific credentials for the Linked Server for MYDOMAIN\me.

I can connect directly to a SQL database (which is not on a linked server) though..

Any ideas?

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I had a similar task and I found the following site very useful.

You may also need to configure the permissions on the BDC Model Metadata after that, so I used

Let me know how you get on? JK

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As I CAN actually connect to the "normal" database (not a linked server) on the SQL server, I don't think these instructies will solve my problem. I tried though, with no result :( Thanks for sharing. – Robert de W Oct 25 '11 at 15:11

You'll have to map users on SQL Server to your AS400 users or always connect with the same user to the AS400. Check security settings on your linked server definition.

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