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I have users and each user has several roles. Roles and users are in many-to-many relationship. But the role is just a name. I've got stuck in this phase:

private Collection<String> roles;

There is missing the name of target table. I was searching on Internet, but nothing have found. I don't wannt to create special entity class to wrap one string value. Is there some another way, isn't?

Is there any way to make it work or makes JPA me create a new entity?

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A Collection of Strings isn't relating one object to another so cannot be a @OneToMany or @ManyToMany - ought to be @ElementCollection. It's a collection of Strings, nothing more. Yes, it can be stored in a join table, but using @CollectionTable.

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Ok, thanks. So I need to create an entity. And can I use @ManyToOne for String field? – K. T. Schnikow Oct 26 '11 at 8:11
No. You mark the field as @ElementCollection/CollectionTable, as said above. Look you use OneToOne,OneToMany,ManyToOne,ManyToMany for relations, and a String is not a relation. – DataNucleus Oct 26 '11 at 8:26

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