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I´m writing a program in vb6 to notify the User. The program is in the windows systray and on timer it maximizes the main form. However, if the user is opened with some application, my window is from behind. How can I open my notify window on top ?

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You set the window on top using SetWindowPos() passing HWND_TOP as the hwndInsertAfter parameter.

Note that there are samples around that force the window to take focus rather then just move to top which you should not do as it will really annoy the user (Outlook does this amongst many other apps)

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Perhaps that helps: http://www.activevb.de/tipps/vb6tipps/tipp0214.html

also source code available: http://www.activevb.de/tipps/downloads/tipp0214.zip

The big idea is the use the API http://www.activevb.de/rubriken/apikatalog/deklarationen/bringwindowtotop.html of User32

Hope that helps

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