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Normally I'd assign an alternative "self" reference when referring to "this" within setInterval. Is it possible to accomplish something similar within the context of a prototype method? The following code errors.

function Foo() {}
Foo.prototype = {
    bar: function () {
    baz: function () {
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Does this help? stackoverflow.com/questions/2749244/… –  Kevin Hakanson Oct 25 '11 at 14:19

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Unlike a language like Python a method forgets its a method after you extract it and pass it somewhere. You can either

Wrap the call in an inner function so that the call still looks like a method call

var that = this;
    return that.baz();
}, 1000);

Use a binding function like the Function.prototype.bind (in newer browsers) or one of the variations that are present in most JS frameworks;

setInterval( this.baz.bind(this), 1000 );

//dojo toolkit example:
setInterval( dojo.hitch(this, 'baz'), 100);
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requestAnimFrame(function() { this.baz.apply(this); });
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you need to use that... –  hugomg Oct 25 '11 at 14:34

i made a proxy class :)

function callback_proxy(obj, obj_method_name)
    instance_id = callback_proxy.instance_id++;
    callback_proxy.instances[instance_id] = obj;
    return eval('fn = function() { callback_proxy.instances['+instance_id+'].'+obj_method_name+'(); }');
callback_proxy.instance_id = 0;
callback_proxy.instances = new Array();

function Timer(left_time)
    this.left_time = left_time; //second

    this.update = function()
        this.left_time -= 1;

        if( this.left_time<=0 )

    this.timer_id = setInterval(callback_proxy(this, 'update'), 1000);

new Timer(10);
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