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If a file is open by another application, and then I try to save it through the Silverlight SaveDialog, I can catch the error with an exception but after that I get this error.

Line: 57 Error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application Code: 4004
Category: ManagedRuntimeError
Message: System.InvalidOperationException: This operation can only occur on the UI Thread. at System.Windows.Hosting.NativeHost.VerifyThread() at System.Windows.SaveFileStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing) at System.IO.FileStream.Finalize()

I would prefer to detect that the file is open, but can't seem to do that. I tried fs.CanWrite, but it returns true, even when the file is open by another application.

EDIT: Here is a post on the silverlight forum that seems to explain what is happening, although they think it's just Office files. I'm having the problem with a PDF file.

Here is my code:

    public void PDFSaveFile(bool success)
        // silverlight requires saveFileDialog to be user-initiated, 
        // so this is called from the OK button of a pop-up window
        // ignore success, we only gave an OK option
        byte[] fileBytes = doc.ToPDF().ToArray();

            SaveFileDialog saveFileDlg = new SaveFileDialog();
            saveFileDlg.Filter = "PDF files (*.pdf)|*.pdf";
            bool? dialogResult = saveFileDlg.ShowDialog();
            if (dialogResult == true)
                using (var fs = saveFileDlg.OpenFile())
                    fs.Write(fileBytes, 0, fileBytes.Length);
        catch (Exception ex)
            Log.HandleInternalError(string.Format("Unable to save file: {0}",ex.Message));
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You can use FileInfo.Open if return a IOException = File already opened


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