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I want to find some format for advanced entry in Icelandic-Czech dictionary for any open-source dictionary program like GoldenDict. I have looked at DSL format from Abby Lingvo but Icelandic is not supported language. I have looked at Stardict format and it seems that it does not support colours, tables, sounds and pictures. The example of dictionary entry that I want to use in dictionary program can be find here

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DSL format from Abby Lingvo supports also Icelandic. The wrong characters were there because I did not convert UTF-8 to UTF-16 according to this forum thread

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Use StarDict format, using HTML as the sub-format. It's far and away the best solution. You can go ahead and use anything that GoldenDict's webkit-based rendering will support, including even, for example, data URIs (see here). For a colourful example, see a Chinese-English dictionary I created here.

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