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is there any simple way to increment for example field value by +1 every time Selenium test is run through Selenium IDE?

Command: Type 
Target: some kind of id
Value: number+1

EDIT 1 :thanks for a reply krosenvold. i got your idea and this is a simplified version of what i got so far:

store | 10 | x
storeEval | storedVars['x'] = ${x}+1 | 

variable's x value does realy get incremented, but how would you save that value between distinct test runs? is it even possible?

should i get $x value every time the test is run and at the end of it assign $x value to some dummy element on testing page, so i could retrieve that previously incremented value the next time test is run?

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Correct Answer

store | 10 | i

store | javascript{storedVars.i++;} | i

echo | ${i}

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This works for me only with the plus signs in front, like so: javascript{++storedVars.i;} – Jesse Fisher Nov 1 '13 at 6:49

This is solution for your problem

store | 10 | i
store | javascript{storedVars.i++;} 
echo  | ${i}
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You can use eval;

eval($('elementId').value = $('elementId').value +1);

The exact syntax I'm showing implies prototype on the client;

document.getElementById('elementId').value should also do the trick in a standard DOM environment.

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