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I have a SQL query that returns me a "time(0)". I load that into SSIS, and it gets automatically converted to a "DT_DBTIME2", which is okay. I can transform it to any other types without error using a data conversion data flow item.

My problem is when I try to insert that value into a "time(0)" field of a table. It gives me the following error:

The OLE DB provider used by the OLE DB adapter cannot convert between types "DT_DBTIME2" and "DT_WSTR" for "ETAHour".

When I mouse over the fields in the OLE DB Destination component, it clearly says that the source field is a DT_DBTIME2 and and destination field is a DT_DBTIME2. I really wonder where does this conversion errors comes from.

Any ideas?


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I have no idea what a time(0) is. What's the source & destination RDBMS? –  billinkc Oct 25 '11 at 16:37
MSSQL 2008. time(0) will result in HH:MM:SS with 0 precision on milliseconds. –  Dominic Goulet Oct 25 '11 at 16:52
I know it was long time ago, but I'm experiencing same problem. Works on my local machine, but doesn't on test server. We are using MSSQL 2012 Enterprise... –  Rafal Ziolkowski May 21 at 16:36
Found problem, see my answer bellow. Probably you have sorted this out somehow looong time ago, but I think it would be good to share definite answer :) –  Rafal Ziolkowski May 21 at 16:55

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Make sure that you are specifying provider in connection string.

In my case I'm using MSSQL 2012 Enterprise. It works on local machine, but after updating connection string in dtsconfig in installer it fails with error above.

Setting OLE DB provider fixed issue, in my case:

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