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Seems like a simple issue, but I can't find the proper reference.

I have a system that has some permissions that have spaces in them:

contract admin

I need to secure an action, so in security.yml i have:

    is_secure:    on
    credentials:  contract admin

However, it doesn't work: the user with this permission will still be restricted.

I've tried putting the credentials in single and double quotes and square brackets, but it always fails. If i change the credential to one with no spaces, it works fine.

I might be able to rename the credential, but ultimately i'd like to know the solution to this issue.

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3 Answers

    is_secure:    on
    credentials:  "contract admin"

should work

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Sorry, overlooked the comment where you said you tried quotes and brackets. It really should take it with the quotes and handle it as a string. Try debugging the sfBasicSecurityUser.class.php for where this could failing. –  poisson Oct 25 '11 at 15:48
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  credentials: [ "contract admin" ]

Try this. The credentials should be on brackets. For more information:

  credentials: [ this, andThis ] # AND

  credentials: [[ this, orThis ]] # OR
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I think you need to use it like this:


  is_secure: true
  credentials: [your_credential_name]
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