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How would i abbreviate/shorten package names in log generated using log4j. i.e. instead of com.longpackage.anotherpackage.lastpackage.MyClass i want c.l.a.l.MyClass. I have seen this in Artifactory logs, but can't figure how to achieve this using log4j.

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But if you're not reading through long package names, are you really doing Java? Are you really getting the whole Java Experience®? Seriously though, good question. –  andronikus Oct 25 '11 at 16:03

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Artifactory uses Logback:

Projects known to rely on logback:

  • [...]

  • Artifactory

which has this nice feature called Conversion Word:

Conversion specifier | Logger name                | Result

%logger              | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar
%logger{0}           | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar | Bar
%logger{5}           | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar | m.s.s.Bar
%logger{10}          | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar | m.s.s.Bar
%logger{15}          | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar | m.s.sample.Bar
%logger{16}          | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar | m.sub.sample.Bar
%logger{26}          | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar | mainPackage.sub.sample.Bar

* I miss tables in SO markdown sooo much...

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Nice! "Conversion word" is what I was after. –  asgs Aug 6 '14 at 17:27
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It turns out that this is possible using log4j after all(tested using v1.2.16), thanks to Tomasz Nurkiewicz for pointing me to LogBack. The feature, ConversionWord, is available using the EnhancedPatternLayout layout.

From the javadoc

... For example, for the category name "alpha.beta.gamma" the pattern %c{2} will output the last two elements ("beta.gamma"), %c{-2} will remove two elements leaving "gamma", %c{1.} will output "a.b.gamma" ...

I'm using JBoss and had to upgrade log4j and use the above layout.

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Seems like you need to implement your own Appender to make this work in log4j.

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