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So, I am working on something which requires various session Data to be held.

I need to be able to delete certain data from the session, but not clear the whole thing.

Obviously, I can manually delete session items with


My question is, does anyone know if it is possible to do something, like set a prefix to all session variables and then delete all variables with that prefix.

useData = session("snippet_theData")

and then something that does


Rather than having to manually remove each item and hope you've not forgotten something... if you see what I mean...!

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The most direct way would be to iterate through the session collection and use either a simple string match (string.StartsWith) or a regular expression (overkill if your IDs are really as simple as snippet_), and either use Session.Remove() to remove the item, or set its value to null or an empty string.

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One thing you could do is use linq to get all the keys that you want (you'll have to excuse my as I mostly code in c#):

Dim myKeys = Session.Keys.Cast(Of String).Where(Function(k) k.StartsWith("snippet")).ToArray()
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Something like this:

 Const prefix = "snippet_"
 Dim prefixKeys = (From sessionKey In Session.Keys
                   Let name = CStr(sessionKey)
                  Where name.StartsWith(prefix)).ToList
 If prefixKeys.Any Then
     For Each key In prefixKeys
 End If

Note: the ToList() is needed because you cannot remove it from Session during iteration otherwise(deferred execution).

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Thanks all... I'm afraid the above didn't quite work, I'm using VB and from the errors I was getting, it looked to me like the methods above would work in C#, but failed with VB.

Anyway, you pointed me in the right direction and I now have this:

    Dim Key As String
    Dim prefix As String = "prefix_"
    Dim deleteKeyArray As Array
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim deleteKeys As String

    For Each Key In Session.Keys
        If Key.StartsWith(prefix) Then _
            deleteKeys = Key & "," & deleteKeys

    deleteKeyArray = Split(deleteKeys, ",")
    For i = 0 To UBound(deleteKeyArray)

Seems to do the job.

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