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I need a simple and lightweight blog engine that plays well with Heroku.

So far, I found Toto and Nesta and both seem to be great candidates and have a rather similar feature list.

Since I have to make a quick decision Im interested in pragmatic comparison overview. Specifically first concern would be theming and in a lesser degree ease of extension- i.e. plugin support and dev...

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Personally I'm a big fan of Octopress. It uses Jekyll in the background, is easy to theme and customize, has a nice list of features and plugins, is easy to hack and generates static HTML, which is perfect for my needs.

BTW: this question is rather off-topic on Stack Overflow.

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I think Nesta has gained the most traction so far - the mailing list is pretty active, and the plugin collection is growing. I recently migrated all my websites to it.

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You might also want to try Jekyll

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