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For internal control we would like to select a single random invoice for each of multiple invoice types and regions.

Here's the SQL to get a set of distinct Invoice Types and Regions

  select InvoiceType,RegionID 
  from Invoices 
  group by InvoiceType, RegionID 

For each row this returns I need to fetch a random row with that InvoiceType and RegionID. This is how I'm fetching random rows:

SELECT top 1 
  FROM Invoices
  JOIN Customers on Customers.CustomerID=Invoices.CustomerID
 where InvoiceType=X and RegionID=Y

But I don't know how to run this select statement foreach() row the first statement returns. I could do it programmatically but I would prefer an option using only a stored procedure as this query isn't supposed to need a program.

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WITH cteInvoices AS (
    SELECT CustomerID, InvoiceNum, Name,
           ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY InvoiceType, RegionID ORDER BY NEWID()) AS RowNum
        FROM Invoices
SELECT c.CustomerID, c.InvoiceNum, c.Name
    FROM cteInvoices c
    WHERE c.RowNum = 1;
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Perfect! I thought CTEs might be the solution but I have never used them before. – Ben Brocka Oct 25 '11 at 16:37

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