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I need to add max length to my self tracking entities I have tried this

but it's done using the EntityObject Generator and not the Serf-Tracking Entity Generator

the template is very different, I have tried to cut and paste the code, but I always get the error message :

A Statement cannot appear after the first class feature in the template. Only boilerplate, expressions and other class features are allowed after the first class feature block.

where do I need to add the code ?

private bool IsNullable(TypeUsage usage)
        return (bool)usage.Facets.First(facet => facet.Name == "Nullable").Value;

    private bool HasMaxLength(TypeUsage usage)
        return usage.Facets.Any(facet => facet.Name == "MaxLength");    

    private int MaxLength(TypeUsage usage)
        return (int)usage.Facets.First(facet => facet.Name == "MaxLength").Value;    


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Put that code at the end of the template and close it into <#+ #> block. The example for defining reusable methods is at the beginning of the article under What can T4 templates do for me?

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