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It can expand the div when i click on it. How do i make it look nicer by adding a "See More" link then hide it when the div exapands and adjust the row height relative to the See More link?

 var rowsshown = 2;
 var rowheight = 1.2; // line height in 'em'
 var ht = (rowsshown * rowheight) - .5; // subtracting the .5 prevents the top of the next line from showing
  .css({'overflow':'hidden','line-height' : rowheight + 'em','height': ht + 'em' })
   if ( $(this).css('height') == 'auto') {
    $(this).css('height', ht + 'em');
   } else {
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try :


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Sexy! thank you. –  Zhianc Oct 25 '11 at 17:11
i have them in a loop, what should I do? When i click on see more the rest of the others also expand. –  Zhianc Oct 25 '11 at 22:25

You could look at the jquery slideup and slidedown http://api.jquery.com/slideUp/

For a better effect

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