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I have a variable like so:

columnData = new Array(columnWidth, columnIndex);

both values are numbers

and then I want to do the following:

thiscolumnWidth = columnData[1] WHERE columnData[2] == cellIndex;

the idea is that I want the thiscolumnWidth to be the value of the first value in the array of columnData where the second value columnData matches the cellIndex value.

The reason for doing it this way is because all of this sits inside a foreach loop so therefore it needs to find the correct array in memory! This ALL WORKS apart from the Where clause which doesn't exist in JS.

Can anyone help? Cheers

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Take a look at JSINQ (LINQ to Objects for Javascript) jsinq.codeplex.com - It does a good job of letting you quickly query arrays & objects using SQL-like queries. –  Mark Biek Oct 25 '11 at 17:27
BTW... array indexing starts at 0, not 1. –  6502 Oct 25 '11 at 17:37

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Aside from using JSLINQ you could simply do something like:

if (columnData[2] == cellIndex){
    thiscolumnWidth = columnData[1];
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Give this a whirl, developed in WSH, but will work anywhere JavaScript runs.

var aValues = new Array();
aValues[100] = 123;
aValues[200] = 234;
aValues[300] = 234;

var nValue = aValues[100];
WScript.Echo( nValue );

var nValue = aValues[200];
WScript.Echo( nValue );
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