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i have /src/app.php that contains my silex app and in this app there is some translation that gets passes to twig, which works fine:

$app['twig']->render('index.twig', array('title' => $app['translator']->trans('homepage'))); 

but in my functional test this causes an exception:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

So i guess the $app['translator.messages'] is not present in the test.

in /tests/functional/ApplicationTest.php in the createApplication() method, i can var_dump the $this->app['translator.messages'] and get the full array.

but when in the actual test method var_dump outputs: .bool(true)

in app.php the translation.messages are included so:

 $app['translator.messages'] = require_once  __DIR__ . '/../resources/locales/translations.php';

do i miss some step here?

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This is a bit tricky. The problem is that you are using require_once. This means that the messages will only be required at the first test, but at no subsequent tests.

To solve your problem, simply change it to require.

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ha sometimes its that easy, thanks – ivoba Oct 26 '11 at 7:58

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