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Is there any way that I can use just HMTL and CSS to force an image to resize to fit a fixed dimension while maintaining its aspect ratio (without stretching/shrinking)?

Consider my required dimension to be a 64x64 pixel square, and the following cases for images I want to fit within this dimension:

  1. A 64x64 pixel image
  2. An image 96 pixels wide and 135 pixels high
  3. An image 135 pixels high and 96 pixels wide

I've been able to figure out a way to solve either 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 by explicitly declaring the image's height="64px" and width="64px" respectively, but one does not work for both, and declaring both causes the image to stretch or shrink.

Is there a way to solve this problem only using HTML and CSS?

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use max-width and max-height instead. don't set width/height in css.

style="max-width: 64px; max-height: 64px;"
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Wow, I honestly thought I had tried that. Thank you for the quick and obviously solution. –  Wex Oct 25 '11 at 17:52
heh glad to help ;) –  galchen Oct 25 '11 at 17:55
@Wex: max-width does not work in IE8, images will show max-width size but they will go on occupying their real width, you can try with an horizontal shape rectangle image and set max-height:60px; max-width:80px; Issue explained also here reference.sitepoint.com/css/max-width# –  Marco Demaio Feb 1 '12 at 19:53

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