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I am working on Windows, but may also work on Unix, so I don't need to store Windows line endings. I just want to suppress the warning.

I found these Stack Overflow questions that are relevant:
How to turn off the git "lf will be replaced by crlf" warning
git, whitespace errors, squelching and autocrlf, the definitive answers

I tried:
git config core.whitespace cr-at-eol false
git config core.whitespace cr-at-eol true
git config core.whitespace cr-at-eol nowarn

But these don't seem to do anything. Does anyone know how to turn off the warnings?


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I simply use autocrlf=true in the .git/config file to cover most situations in Windows. There are occasional warnings depending on new source files.

If you have special files that don't follow the scheme set up a .gitattributes separately for them e.g. I have Matlab files with *.m eol=lf.

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In order to elaborate for total git newbies like me: the file "config" is in the .git directory. On Windows, the directory's "hidden" attribute is set. –  Bob Stine Sep 5 '13 at 18:51

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