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Why am I seeing an activerecord object IDs for each record coming out of my Recipe model in my recipes views? At the bottom of the index action I see this:


The model:

class Recipe < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :name, :description, :quick_facts, :ingredients, :instructions, :user_id, :hashtag, :image
  mount_uploader :image, ImageUploader

The view:

.section-header The Recipes as seen on: #DriscollsMoments
= recipes.each do |recipe|
      = link_to(image_tag(recipe.image_url, :width => 200, :height => 100, :border => 0), recipe_path(recipe.id))
      = link_to recipe.name, recipe_path(recipe.id), :class => 'recipe-name'
      = link_to 'view recipe & tweet', recipe_path(recipe.id), :class => 'view-recipe'
      %p= recipe.description

The Controller:

class RecipesController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @recipes = Recipe.find(:all)

  def show


This problem is unique to this model - it's not doing it anywhere else in my app. I tried disabling carrierwave to see if that had any affect and it doesn't appear to make any difference. I have two recipes_controllers, one's an admin controller, but that shouldn't be the problem either. I know this is going to be obvious. Any ideas?

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In your view, replace this:

= recipes.each do |recipe|

with this:

- recipes.each do |recipe|

The = causes the contents of the recipes array to be output after executing the loop.

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Hahahahaha! Thanks Dylan, I'm a bit embarrassed, but would have continued digging in WAAAAY too deep if I didn't post and you didn't reply so quickly. Thanks again. –  aressidi Oct 25 '11 at 18:59

I believe the line:

= recipes.each do |recipe|

should be:

- recipes.each do |recipe|
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