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My app has two classes, FireWatcher and AlarmBell. When a fire starts, the watcher should ring the bell, with a level. For small fires, ring the bell with a small alarm level, for big fires, ring the bell like crazy.

class FireWatcher {
  AlarmBell bell;
  void onFire(int fireLevel) { bell.ring(2 * fireLevel); }

class AlarmBell {
  void ring(int alarmLevel) { ... }

I want to test FireWatcher to make sure it calls method ring with the correct level. How can I do that with Mockito ?

I'd like something similar to the following, but cannot find anything in the documentation.

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You need to pass in a mocked AlarmBell.


public void watcherShouldRingTheAlarmBellWhenOnFire() {
   AlarmBell alarm = mock(AlarmBell.class);
   FireWatcher watcher = new FireWatcher(alarm);


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