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I have a SSIS package the pulls data from a source table. This table has some "time" data types. When I execute that package in a standalone way, it's working perfectly.

When I chain it inside another SSIS package with the "Execute Package Task", it fails with weird conversions error telling me it can't convert those DB_TIME2 to DT_WSTR (a thing that is not done at all in the child package).

The child package contains a simple OLE DB Data source (select * from TABLE) and then insert into an exact copy of that table which was truncated just before this package, so I know the target table is empty.

Any idea why would it be different?

UPDATE: I tried to change all the "time" datatypes to "smalldatetime" (with 1900-01-01 for the date part) and my package now works in both mode (standalone and child). I changed it again to "time" instead of "smalldatetime", and it started to fail again. So in the end, I changed it back (again!) to "smalldatetime" and now it works. I'm starting to believe this is a bug in SSIS... I will build a demo of this and test it on various machines.

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When you run it standalone, are you running it from the same environment that the first package is running from? It sounds like a version problem between the execution environments. – SqlACID Oct 25 '11 at 18:58
Yeah from the very same place, the same package, etc. I enabled warnings in the execution log, and it seems that when it gets executed as a child package, I get a warning message saying that the metadata is out of date for each of my "time" columns... very strange. – Dominic Goulet Oct 25 '11 at 19:10
Here's a thought. Is there any way that a column was added to your database table after you created the meta data from your select * statement (which is bad practice btw)? If a column was added to the table after your metadata was generated, you OLE DB data source metadata would be out of sync. – David Benham Oct 25 '11 at 19:32
No there is no way. And I know select * is bad practice, it was only a shorthand form to say I selected all my columns, but they are actually all written in the real query. – Dominic Goulet Oct 25 '11 at 19:47

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