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I've some customized models into Alfresco and I need to extract the aspect information and the content from Repository.

I need, passing the keywords and the model name (it's an aspect), to extract content or the aspects associated to the model.


this is the javascript I'm using to extract the content passing the model

var docs = search.luceneSearch("@kd\\:commonname_content_type_tag:\"" + model + "\"");

How can I concatenate two aspects properties?

I did it into Java but the syntax in Javascript seems quite different:

queryString  = "+TYPE:\"" + Constants.createQNameString(CommonAspects.NAMESPACE_KD_CONTENT_MODEL, DrugModel.TYPE_SUPPLIER) + "\" ";
queryString += "+@kd\\:SupplierID:" + drugBrandNameBean.getSupplierID();
String supplier = contentQuery.getUUID(queryString);

Another question, how can I process the Javascript docs? Can I access to my aspects?

I tried something like that but it didn't works:

var docs = search.luceneSearch("@kd\\:commonname_content_type_tag:\"" + model + "\"");    
for (var i=0; i<docs.length; i++) {
    log += "Searching " + commonName + " - Name: " + docs[i].name + "\tPath: " + docs[i].displayPath;
    log += "\tType: " + docs[i].commonname_content_type_tag + "\r\n";

The rows extracted are correct but the commonname_content_type_tag properties is always not defined:

Searching acarbose - Name: exenatide - Contraindication Path: /Company Home/CommonName  Type: undefined

Thanks for the help!


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Try something like that:

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Perfect! Where can I find some informat object doc strucutre (returned by search.luceneSearc()) ? – Andrea Girardi Oct 26 '11 at 11:33

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