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I was want to organize my files better and was wondering if I could use sub directories in the comet, snippet folders etc?

Something like:

    -> comet
            -> folder1
            -> folder2

    -> snippets
            -> folder1
            -> folder2

Thanks for any help, much appreciated

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Yes, you could do this.

Lift looks for Snippet/Comet by package name you set up in Boot.scala. For example, if your Boot.scala have LiftRules.addToPackages("code"), lift will find snippet under the package named code.snippet.

Since Scala doesn't like Java that require your directory structure match your package structure, it's totally fine to put your code under code/snippets/folder1 and declare it belongs to package code.snippet just by using package code.snippet at the first line of your source code.

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And since Lift 2.4-M3, you can also have subpackages under snippet, or comet. See this ticket

Basically you can have your comet inside a package


and in your html template you can have:

<div class="lift:folder1.MyComet">
    <p> some text to update using comet</p>

You can read this thread for how the feature came about.

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