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I need to commit a jar file in binary mode from the command line.

What command should I use? The following does not work:

$ cvs commit -kb -m "Committing v2.5.7" myJar.jar
Usage: cvs commit [-Rlf] [-m msg | -F logfile] [-r rev] files...
-R          Process directories recursively.
-l          Local directory only (not recursive).
-f          Force the file to be committed; disables recursion.
-F logfile  Read the log message from file.
-m msg      Log message.
-r rev      Commit to this branch or trunk revision.
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cvs add -kb myJar.jar
cvs commit -m "Committing v2.5.7" myJar.jar

If you've already committed it without -kb, you can use

cvs admin -kb myJar.jar

You can also use CVSROOT/cvswrappers to specify that all *.jar files are binary.

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cvs add -kb filename

then commit it

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