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In Xcode 4 the debug area closes every time I run an app, even though I have the debug area open before I hit Run.

Is there anyway to ensure that if I already have the debug area open that it will remain open when I run my app? This would save a lot of time as I wouldn't have to open it back up each time I execute code.

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Have a look at Xcode -> Preferences -> Behaviors

Here, you can basically tell Xcode to do X when Y happens. You can tell him to hide or show certain areas, to play sounds and show alerts and even to display specified tabs. In your case, there might something like Testing/Running starts -> hide debugger be set.

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With Xcode 5.1 I had to go to Xcode -> Preferences -> Behaviors -> Running -> Completes and change If no output, hide to Show debugger with Current Views. Note that I've never changed other behaviors. So, I assume If no output, hide is default with this version of Xcode.

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