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Is it possible to have a Dojo widget that appears as an un-styled HTML control, but still provides the additional functionality?

For example the dijit.form.Select widget normally appears like this:

DIJIT Select

Is there a way to get it to look like the browser default select?

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  1. Your picture looks way off. Are you sure you included the stylesheet for your theme and added the appropriate class name to the body tag?

  2. If you want domething that looks like a default select, why not just use a default select? You didn't mention any widget-specific functionality that you need

  3. You can always create your own widgets with your own custom HTML and CSS structure if you really need to.

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.addOption, .options = [ ]. Raw DOM selects are just hard to deal with, and DOJO doesn't seem to provide any convenience methods for them, unless you're using their widgets. – C. Ross Oct 26 '11 at 0:12
Dojo has DOM manipulation so you can easily add options with dojo.create('option', {innerHTML: 'value'}, selectNode); Anyway the default dijit widget should look fine if you include the css correctly (instead of showing the down-arrow HTML synmbol thingy) – hugomg Oct 26 '11 at 0:24

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