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If I have a string and a pattern:

char src[]="\"http://www.aaa.cn\"</tab><tab>\"www.bbb.com\""; 
char pattern[] = "\"http:\/\/.*\.com\"";  

Then it returns "http://www.aaa.cn\"</tab><tab>\"www.bbb.com" to me (it failed but continue matching next characters).

I just want some like "http://www.aaa.com", "http://www.bbb.com", not like that combined string.

Can someone help me out? Should I change my pattern or add some arguments to pcre_compile() and pcre_exec() functions?

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Try this.

char pattern[] = "\"http://[^\"]*\"";

Better yet, don't parse HTML (or fragments thereof or XML) with regexen.

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Thanks ,It's work now.And could you tell me some other ways to pick out urls from HTML? –  Hession Oct 25 '11 at 20:48
@hession, perhaps you could ask that as a separate question, and be sure to tell us your language/application environment, and give an example of input. –  pilcrow Oct 25 '11 at 20:52

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