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In my PHP code I have a variable that corresponds to the sum and difference of some values obtained ​​from a MySQL database. This is the code:

<?php echo $verifica = (($valoreEntrate + $valoreInCassa) - ($valoreUscite + $valorePagamentiInSospeso + $valoreDaLasciareInCassa + $valoreDaPortareACasa)); ?>

Here is values of all variables involved obtained with echo:

$valoreEntrate = 3837.67
$valoreInCassa = 612.10
$valoreUscite = 97.81
$valorePagamentiInSospeso = 0
$valoreDaLasciareInCassa = 617.80
$valoreDaPortareACasa = 3734.22

The value of $verifica is:

$verifica = -0.0599999999995

Instead of -0.6 like I expected... Can anyone explain why this value? Thank you so much!!! Bye...

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This is because they are float types, and floats are not stored as exact numbers. See PHP's entry on float for further information.

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Thank you for your answer!!! But there is some data type to store exact number like MySQL decimal type? In my php code I have to do many computation and it would be so boring if I had to do all the operations with BC Math Functions ... Thank you so much! – Andrea Venanzi Oct 26 '11 at 0:53
Use either the GMP functions ( or the BC Math functions (, depending on what's available with your install of PHP. – Crontab Oct 26 '11 at 11:56
Thank you all! Now everything works perfectly! – Andrea Venanzi Oct 26 '11 at 13:13

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