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that uncompressed have the same number of lines, and the same number of columns.

All files are located in the same dir.

Is it possible to pullout every 5-6 column from every file and paste them together without having to dump temp files?

Something like

for i in *.gz
   gunzip -c $i |cut -f5-6 >$i.tmp;

paste *.tmp


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You can create a command line to evaluate and use bash process substitution to avoid tempfiles:

for i in *.gz; do
    command="$command <(gzip -cd $i | cut -f5-6)"
eval $command
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That is indeed an interesting way to do it. Should work fine, as long as the number of files isn't too many (you're using several processes and a handful of file descriptors for each file). Also, beware of quoting in $i. –  derobert Oct 25 '11 at 21:25
for f in *.gz ; do
  printf '_fn %s\n' "$f" 
  gunzip -c "$f"  
done | 
  awk 'END {
    for (i = 0; ++i <= m;)
      for (j = 0; ++j <= fc;)
        printf "%s", (d[j, i] (j < fc ? OFS : RS))    
  $1 == "_fn" {
    fn = $2; fnr = x; ++fc
    d[fc, ++fnr] = $5 OFS $6
    fnr > m && m = fnr
    }' OFS='\t'
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Great job... I don't know awk very well, but I finally worked it out. A good learning experience for me (I know awk a bit better now :) thanks... It only limitation seems to be how much RAM is available, which would equate to the the size of the output file plus a relative percentage overhead for the array structures ... I like it :) ... +1 in fact, and + a few more in spirit :) –  Peter.O Oct 26 '11 at 2:16

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