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I want to include a <br /> tag in the joomla title. I can see that this tag is not recognized. How can I make it to include a break in the title?

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You may be approaching a certain problem in the wrong way with this solution, could you give a bit more information as to why you want to do this? Is it because of styling on the frontend? –  udjamaflip Oct 25 '11 at 23:30

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Take a look at this recently answered question regarding html tags in the module title:

How to insert HTML tags in Joomla! module title?

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I'd probably go with an addon such as Nonumber.nl's rereplacer. You could - in theory - insert an unusual word in your title, such as 'breakbreak', then set the plugin to replace that specific text with a

Like others though - I question then need for this.

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