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Given a Lucene search query like: +(letter:A letter:B letter:C) +(style:Capital), how can I tell which of the three letters actually matched any given document? I don't care where they match, or how many times they match, I just need to know whether they matched.

The intent is to take the initial query ("A B C"), remove the terms which successfully matched (A and B), and then do further processing on the remainder (C).

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Although the sample is in c#, Lucene APIs are very similar(some upper/lower case differences). I don't think it would be hard to translate to java.

This is the usage

List<Term> terms = new List<Term>();    //will be filled with non-matched terms
List<Term> hitTerms = new List<Term>(); //will be filled with matched terms
GetHitTerms(query, searcher,docId, hitTerms,terms);

And here is the method

void GetHitTerms(Query query,IndexSearcher searcher,int docId,List<Term> hitTerms,List<Term>rest)
    if (query is TermQuery)
        if (searcher.Explain(query, docId).IsMatch() == true) 
            hitTerms.Add((query as TermQuery).GetTerm());
            rest.Add((query as TermQuery).GetTerm());

    if (query is BooleanQuery)
        BooleanClause[] clauses = (query as BooleanQuery).GetClauses();
        if (clauses == null) return;

        foreach (BooleanClause bc in clauses)
            GetHitTerms(bc.GetQuery(), searcher, docId,hitTerms,rest);

    if (query is MultiTermQuery)
        if (!(query is FuzzyQuery)) //FuzzQuery doesn't support SetRewriteMethod
            (query as MultiTermQuery).SetRewriteMethod(MultiTermQuery.SCORING_BOOLEAN_QUERY_REWRITE);

        GetHitTerms(query.Rewrite(searcher.GetIndexReader()), searcher, docId,hitTerms,rest);
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This is exactly what I needed, and since I'm already working with Lucene.net, I don't even need to translate it. Thanks! (I realize I should probably have used the lucene.net tag, but I figured it was a general question about the system, rather than an issue with the .net flavor, since they work the same). –  Bobson Oct 26 '11 at 15:57

You could use a cached filter for each of the individual terms, and quickly check each doc id against their BitSets.

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It might be because I'm new to Lucene, but I don't see how I'd use that. I don't have a filter right now - just a Query, and the query terms change each time - it could be "A B" one time, and "A F B Q" another. I can create a QueryFilter from the Query, but that seems redundant (although possibly necessary). I also don't have an indexReader for the filter's GetDocIdSet() function, just an IndexSearcher(). Can you provide an example of usage? –  Bobson Oct 26 '11 at 13:28
Actually, I just realized how I could get the IndexReader - I'm already doing it elsewhere in my code. The rest of the comment still applies, though. –  Bobson Oct 26 '11 at 13:50

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