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I would like to count how many rows there is of the same order_id in the table refnumbers

So it should output:

There's 5 rows with the order_id 123

There's 9 rows with the order_id 124

There's 18 rows with the order_id 125

There's 2 rows with the order_id 77

It's the column order_is that it should counter after in the table refnumbers

I dont really know how to do this without specifically mention a order_id and then do a loop through them in php.

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You need to use group by on the column that you want to get the count for.

This does not work

SELECT count(*) as rowcount
FROM refnumbers

Will give you a single row with all rowcounts

Count per distinct order_id

SELECT order_id, count(*) as rowcount
FROM refnumbers
ORDER BY order_id

Will give you the count per distinct order_id.
If you want to get the total count as well uncomment the with rollup part.

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Very nice answer! –  Karem Oct 25 '11 at 21:53

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