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I'm looking for a MVC based forum solution. Does a forum module exist for Orchard or are there any forum modules in development?

UPDATE: as of 10/26/11 the MGM.Forum module for Orchard appears to be a work in progress (see basic-functionality & mock-ups) and not yet a valid option. Nothing else exists for Orchard atm so I'm going to give up on a MVC solution and go with YAF.

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I have already searched for an MVC forum but didn't find a fine-tested one. Finally chose YetAnotherForum. –  Efe Kaptan Oct 26 '11 at 13:08

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Have you tried this one http://orchardproject.net/gallery/List/Modules/Orchard.Module.NGM.Forum

I know that it is not an advanced forum module but i don't currently know any other Orchard module.

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