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I'm trying to display the Persian alphabet in the Debug window in order. Once it reaches the final letter, subsequent letters will be multiplied by the group they are in. So, for example, if I want to display alef (ا) - Persian for the letter "A", I would start with the index of 1. If I reach an index of 33 (Persian has 32 letters), it should display (اا).

The code below works just fine for the Latin alphabet (e.g. "abcdefj..."), but with Persian/Arabic, I've got two problems.

  1. It gives a count of 33 instead of 32 - i.e. after the letter "ه" it produces a blank character. I suspect it is this, but don't know how to account for it.
  2. For characters that need to double up, like "ش ش" (without the space) it shows as "شش".

    Sub Main()
        Dim t As New PersianAlphabet
        For i = 1 To 50
    End Sub
    Public Class PersianAlphabet
        Private charArray As String
        Private charCount As Integer
        Private CurrentNumber As Integer = 0
        Sub New()
            'Dim charArray1() = {"ا", "ب", "پ", "ت", "ث", "ج", "چ", "ح", "خ", "د", "ذ", "ر", "ز", "ژ", "س", "ش", "ص", "ض", "ط", "ظ", "ع", "غ", "ف", "ق", "ک", "گ", "ل", "م", "ن", "و", "ه‍", "ی"}
            'Dim joined As String = String.Join("", charArray1)
            'Me.charArray = joined
            Me.charArray = "ابپتثجچحخدذرزژسشصضطظعغفقکگلمنوه‍ی"
            Me.charCount = charArray.ToCharArray.Count
        End Sub
        Public Function NextLetter(Optional ByVal StartAt As Integer = 1) As String
            Dim count = (Me.CurrentNumber + StartAt)
            Dim divisor = count / Me.charCount
            Dim outstring As New StringBuilder
            If divisor <= 1 Then
                outstring.Append(charArray(Int32.Parse(count - 1)))
                Dim tempAlphaCount = Int(divisor) + 1
                Dim groupRange = Int(divisor) * Me.charCount
                Dim alphaIndex = count - groupRange
                If alphaIndex = 0 Then
                    tempAlphaCount = tempAlphaCount - 1
                    alphaIndex = Me.charCount
                End If
                alphaIndex -= 1
                For i = 0 To tempAlphaCount - 1
            End If
            Me.CurrentNumber += 1
            Return outstring.ToString
        End Function
    End Class

Has anyone dealt with these two kinds of issues before? Any thoughts/advice?

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Figured out that there is a Unicode of 2805 (not 2804 as expected) within the string. Removing that gives the correct count. Putting that between two letters also allows for non-joining letters.

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