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I'm trying to get the network file page e.g. smb://server.local/tech/file.pdf

You can see this information on a files "Get info" window but I can't see a way of getting this with the command line (or even Applescript).

Edit: I currently have this:

on open filePath
    set filePath to POSIX path of filePath
    set the clipboard to filePath as text
end open

But it only copied the mounted path and not the smb:// path.

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Unless I'm mistaken, almost all attributes of a file/folder can be retrieved with AppleScript (i.e. kind of this_file). So, unless I'm mistaken, you should be able to get network file page of refToSomeFile. –  fireshadow52 Oct 25 '11 at 22:48
Check my edit above. –  Syntax Oct 25 '11 at 22:54
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Automator will do this.

  • Ask For Servers
  • Copy to Clipboard

Full Network Path

Download it here.

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