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I have a vector of pair like such:

vector<pair<string,double>> revenue;

I want to add a string and a double from a map like this:

revenue[i].first = "string";
revenue[i].second = map[i].second;

But since revenue isn't initialized, it comes up with an out of bounds error. So I tried using vector::push_back like this:


But that says cannot take two arguments. So how can I add to this vector of pair?

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So you don't have a vector pair but a pair vector, or vector of pairs. Once you understand this, you have solved your problem. –  Christian Rau Oct 26 '11 at 1:06

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Use std::make_pair:

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But that says cannot take two arguments. So how can I add to this vector pair?

You're on the right path, but think about it; what does your vector hold? It certainly doesn't hold a string and an int in one position, it holds a Pair. So...

revenue.push_back( std::make_pair( "string", map[i].second ) );     
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Read the following documentation:




I think that will help. Those sites are good resources for C++, though the latter seems to be the preferred reference these days.

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IMHO, a very nice solution is to use c++11 emplace_back function:

revenue.emplace_back("string", map[i].second);

It just creates a new element in place.

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