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I'm trying to get smugmug filenames on individual images. Here's some code I found that gets the image..

the $.smugmug.images.getInfo line is where this needs to happen but I'm not sure how to implement it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

$.fn.smugmugCycle = function(options) {
var albumID = options.albumID;
var size = options.size || "Medium";

// Setup div
var div = this;

$.smugmug.login.anonymously(function() {
    $.smugmug.images.get({AlbumID: albumID, Heavy: 1}, function(images) {
        $.each(images.Images, function() {
            var url = this[size + "URL"];
            div.append("<img src=\"" +  url + "\" />");

            var img_id =

              $.smugmug.images.getInfo({ImageID: img_id}, function(images) {





Original code from

... also, Apparently I can't make a new tag unless I'm more experienced on StackOverflow :( *smugmug

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It seems unlikely that smugmug would give the path to the images. It is likely that you will find a way to download the resource to your box. –  mozillanerd Oct 28 '11 at 0:43

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You can use images.getInfo to get the filename of an image. However you need to give it not only the ImageID but also the ImageKey.

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