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I am writing a desktop program which I want to register on the first use through the web. on the registration it should get a message from the website of ok or not-ok.

I think that this interaction is very similar to AJAX, but my porgram is written in c++/cli.

What is the best way to interact with my website (server)?

I saw there are libraries for c++ and AJAX.

Mainly I saw wt and AJAX.NET.

Would AJAX.NET work with c++/cli?

is wt a good library for AJAX considering I have only one call to the server, isn't it an "overkill".

What is the simplest way to send a simple ajax request to my website (server)? Do I need a library at all?

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It's difficult to answer this question, as you seem to be asking for opinions rather than concrete answers to a specific problem, but if I was approaching this situation I would definitely use an existing library. –  twsaef Oct 26 '11 at 0:15
AJAX is absolutely not relevant here whatsoever. I suspect that you really want a SOAP service on the web server, and a SOAP client in your C++/CLI app. –  ildjarn Oct 26 '11 at 0:55

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I'd go with Wt .. their hello world app is a good place to start:

I reckon have a play with that, and see how you feel about integrating it with your app.

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Maybe you just want your application to do some HTTP requests (to a distant web server), so you need an HTTP client library usable from C++.

You could use libcurl for that purpose (it is a C library with HTTP client ability). If your application is graphical and uses Qt/KDE, you could also use the QtNetwork module or the QFtp or QHttp classes. If it uses Gtk/Gnome, use the libsoup library

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