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I am trying to run this query but can't figure out why MySQL doesnt like the first value to have its quotes escaped. I am escaping my string:

$query = mysql_real_escape_string("INSERT INTO `Promotion` (`TransactionID`) VALUES ('$transaction_id');");

So now $query is:

INSERT INTO `Promotion` (`TransactionID`) VALUES (\'20111025201459\');

This however will not work. I get a syntax error on the first escaping slash in the values list.


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The point of escaping is to prevent the data from interfering with the SQL syntax. Therefore, you should not escape the entire query; only the actual data.

The right line would therefore be:

$query = "INSERT INTO `Promotion` (`TransactionID`) VALUES ('".mysql_real_escape_string($transaction_id)."');";

If you prefer, that can be split over two lines:

$query = INSERT INTO `Promotion` (`TransactionID`) VALUES ('$escaped_transaction_id');";
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I fixed the problem, however still not sure the exact reason it was happening.

I was formulating the query string within mysql_real_escape_string()'s argument.

assigning the query string to a variable then escaping that worked.

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