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I have updated my SDK tools to r14. In this link it is told that the library projects will show up as jar files in the projects which uses the library project. But the jar files are not showing up and the <libraryproject>_src folder is still visible. While migrating to r14 from previous version is there any specific step/settings that I need to follow/change so that the library projects are included as jar files? Should I first export the library project as jar file and then include it? I would like to know if anyone has done this and how they have done it?

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I got this to work.

I rebuilt the library project and a <libraryproject>.jar appeared in the bin folder. Then I removed the reference from the project which uses the <libraryproject> and added it in the same way as before.

Project properties -> Android -> in the Library section I added the reference to the <libraryproject> and it created a Library Projects in the current project containing the <libraryproject>.jar file.

Fortunately, there was no switch case statements involving the resouce IDs in my entire library projects. For those of you who is not able to get it to work right away, I would suggest them to go through the link I have posted in the Question.

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I wasted a ton of time on this and solved by removing the library project, clicking apply (getting more errors) then add the library project back, click apply – scottyab Nov 1 '11 at 22:27

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