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I am a little confused on how to actually use monkey, i thought you were supposed to power on your emulator and go into terminal editor and type:

$ adb shell monkey -p -v 500

since that did not work (error, adb: permission denied)

i tried monkey -p insert.blah.blah -v 500 and this comes up that it has been killed, what am I doing wrong?

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It's probably trying to talk to a device over your USB port.

You probably just need to add an -e in there to tell adb to connect to the emulator:

$ adb shell monkey -p -v 500

(Or -s serialnum if you have more than one emulator running.)

See Directing commands in the ADB docs.

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Thank you for your response, my actual problem was that i was using the terminal editor right on the emulator itself i didn't think you would have to run it through command prompt aswell – Demonicpenguin Oct 26 '11 at 3:42

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